How Community Members Can Support Seniors in Their Area

As we get older, our lives become a little more difficult. Mobility limitations, physical impairments, cognitive changes, and mental health problems can threaten our quality of life and turn everyday tasks into insurmountable hurdles. While many people are blessed to have family around to provide care and assistance during their golden years, not all seniors are so lucky. Fortunately, community members can play a valuable role in supporting seniors, especially during the pandemic. Here are some great ways you can provide care to a senior in need.

Safe Aging-in-Place

Accessibility modifications can help seniors avoid physical health hazards in their homes to facilitate safe aging-in-place.

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Help Around the Home

For seniors, the activities of daily living—such as eating, bathing, and dressing—can become challenging without assistance.

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Avoiding Social Isolation

All too common among seniors, social isolation has been linked to several physical and mental health issues.

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Coping with Change

Although we’re living longer and healthier lives, it can still be difficult for seniors to cope with the changes occurring in their bodies.

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Navigating age-related changes can be tough for even the healthiest among us. It’s important that church members understand the issues facing seniors in their community so they can play an active role in the caregiving network. From making home modifications to providing invaluable social support, there’s a lot you can do to help the seniors in your community age well.

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